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knockout_divas's Journal

TNA Knockouts and WWE Divas
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TNA Knockouts and WWE Divas
This is a community dedicated to all past and present TNA Knockouts and WWE Divas. While everyone is certainly more than welcome to their opinions, bashing any Knockouts, Divas, or other members is not allowed. That doesn't mean you can't say someone needs to work on their wrestling skills or that they botched a move, etc. You just can't call them sluts, etc., or attack other members if they like someone you don't.

Members are allowed to post, but please keep all spoilers under an lj-cut - and please remember that just because it's aired in your timezone, that doesn't mean it's aired in other people's areas yet, so to be safe, please put results under a cut.

Members are also allowed to promote other communities, provided that they are wrestling related. For further clarification regarding this rule, please see this entry You may NOT advertise things you are selling.

Icons, banners, and other graphics are allowed, but if it's more than five icons, please use a cut. If it's more than one banner, etc., please use a cut as well. Use of other people's icons, banners and graphics is subject to the discretion of whoever made it.

A diva or knockout of the month contest occurs throughout the course of the month. The first round is generally diva vs. diva/knockout vs. knockout for each match until the Finals. Upon the diva or knockout of the month being named, members enter icons (new or old) that they've made of that woman to choose a default icon for the month. One of the mods will then make a new header to reflect the winner.

An icon contest occurs twice a month (usually due on the 15th or the last day of the month.) Each contest has a different theme.

The community also features a 25, 50, 75, 100 or 150 icon challenge. You can find more information on that in the claims post. Those who complete challenges will, of course, be awarded banners for their accomplishment.

Past Diva or Knockouts of the Month: Lita, Victoria, Mickie James, Roxxi Laveaux, Lita (2nd time), Beth Phoenix, Melina, Traci Brooks, Victoria (2nd time), Christy Hemme, Natalya, Lita (3rd time), Victoria (3rd time), Velvet Sky, Eve, Natalya (2nd time), Melina (2nd time), Maria Kanellis, Natalya (3rd time), Eve (2nd time), Lita (4th time), Katie Lea, Daffney, Alissa Flash, Angelina Love, Katie Lea (2nd time), Melina (3rd time), Natalya (4th time), Serena Deeb, Jillian Hall, Awesome Kong, Hamada, Stephanie McMahon, Molly Holly, Christy Hemme (2nd Time), Maryse

Current Diva or Knockout of the Month: Gail Kim

Current Unified Divas Champion: Eve Torres
Current TNA Knockout's champion: Madison Rayne
Current TNA Knockouts Tag Team champions: Rosita and Sarita

Community moderators: revivingophelia, cherrycokerocks, sweetrapture82

The user ID knockoutdivamod was created as a journal to be utilized by community moderators and is just our joint ID, not another individual.

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